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System Overview

Vanguard Counter Assault Training VCAT™ is a totally integrated, operationally focused extreme close quarter combat system known for its realistic approach to surviving sudden physical violence. The application of the system and its assets deliver an end state that emphasizes threat neutralization and immediate conflict resolution under critical stress.


Vanguard provides a full scale of armed and unarmed close-quarter combat applications and critical skills to efficiently neutralize violent physical attacks occurring at close range by one or more armed or unarmed motivated attackers. The emphasis of the training and its attributes is placed on increasing tactical efficiencies and combat lethality at contact distance within urban, or other complex operational environments.


The cornerstone of the system delivers a simple and efficient template of hyper-violent H2H and edged weapon tactics that are engineered to seamlessly integrate with the physical dynamics of the extreme close-quarter gunfight. This tactical proficiency provides a scale of violence and measured response at the tactical level that intentionally compresses time and fully supports the fundamental pillars of CQB.

End State:

Our direct and effective training methods provide the end-user with an enhanced capability to identify, aggressively engage and eliminate threats with combat effectiveness faster and more efficiently within compressed timeframes: service secondary threats with the same economy of motion if required and move on to the mission objective with the greatest degree of success and survivability.

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