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Vanguard, (van’gard) n

  1. The foremost position of an army or fleet advancing into battle.
  2. The forefront of an action or movement.

Vanguard Tactical Systems, LLC is a U.S based products and professional services organization that was formed in 1997. The company  provides specialized training and consulting services in the areas of extreme close-quarter combat applications and personal  protective measures in support of professionals working and operating in challenging environments around the globe.

Our Mission: is to provide our clients with the intense, result-driven training and critical skills necessary to survive and prevail when faced with challenges and tactical realities of personal defense and modern warfare.

Vanguard is an innovative company that remains in the forefront of this industry. We have established our presence and solid reputation as a highly motivated training force, committed to the cause and dedicated to the overall success of our client’s personal and operational objectives.

Our training methods are always current, relevant and grounded in real world application. These methods are in use and validated operationally in high-risk/high-threat environments in support of our nations interests and in combating the escalating levels of violence and personal security risks we continue to face worldwide.

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