VTS Covert Carry™

The Covert Carry™ is a low-profile and discreet build from within the Vanguard sub-compact lineup of personal defense tools. With a blade length of 3.5 this knife is optimized as an effective backup tool and meets a full range of reduced signature applications. Purpose built and straight forward, the Covert Carry™ is a tool of choice amongst discriminating professionals, as well as an efficient EDC solution for responsible armed citizens.

Product Overview:

The VTS Professional series™ is a "Limited Edition" custom build, exclusively designed by Vanguard Tactical Systems® and hand made in small batches by Wes Crawford of Crawford Knives.

The build utilizes CPM S35V steel for its edge retention, improved toughness and corrosion resistance to withstand a full range of austere work conditions. The blade features a black non-reflective DLC finish with a HRC of 58-61. The blade design and geometry for this build features a classic Tanto grind, chosen for its strength and penetrating ability during the rigors of hard use.

The custom file work within the contoured thumb ramp and tang provides a consistent and repeatable purchase. The combination of the flat handle with G10 scales, along with the deep finger notch and palm swell locks the knife securely into the hand. These design properties and attributes assist the end-user with the overall stability and increased control of the knife during dynamic applications.

Sheath Design:

The Covert Carry™ comes equipped with a low-profile custom kydex sheath utilizes a “Pancake” design with ¼ inch grommets. The spacing supports a variety of mounting solutions to meet your personal, or professional requirements. Each sheath is hand fitted and the retention is set for that specific knife. The thumb break and index ramp have been slightly reduced and lowered to assist with ease of access to support a rapid and repeatable draw.


Each rig is set up and shipped with a Discreet Carry Concepts ™ Mod 4 Universal/Height adjustable HLR Discreet Gear Clips™ -1.5 belt spring clip.


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Knife Specifications:

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  • Blade steel: CPM S35V
  • HRC: 58-61
  • Finish: Black DLC 
  • Blade style: Tanto
  • Blade length: 3.50"
  • Blade thickness: 5/32"
  • Overall length: 7.75"
  • Tang: Full 
  • File work: Thumb ramp and tang


  • Double Black G10 Scales with recessed "Chicago" screws


  • 60 gauge Kydex “Pancake” design with ¼ inch grommets

Mounting Hardware:

  • Discreet Carry Concepts ™ Steel Spring Clips

Current Lead Time:
Approximately 8–10 Weeks